Entry #8


2016-10-20 22:20:46 by JUSTinnator3


I realized I was unscouted most recently probably due to the scouter who scouted me being pruned and thus everyone they had scouted being unscouted alongside them. 

This is kind of a relief knowing it was most likely someone else's fault. But still, if there are possible aspects of my art that attract unscouting it'd be helpful to know. 


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2016-10-20 22:36:25

Your art is interesting, seeing as it is traditional on paper. The robot's designs are certainly to be praised. Some people simply find traditional art a bit inferior, idk, because the quality is reduced when it is scanned. I browsed your gallery and that's all I got. Really great mecha art, m8.

JUSTinnator3 responds:

Thanks for your kind words. I see you were scouted by the same person who scouted me last time before I posted a scifi furry with a bad mouth and got pruned. (That one was relabeled as a sketch and is holding a laser scythe.)
I'm not sure how confident I am with future runs in the portal but I guess in the end it can't hurt if we have unlimited tries.


2016-10-21 09:24:02

Personally, I love your art and the different colours that you tend to use. The different designs are pretty nice, too. However, something is just... lacking which would probably scare a lot of people off from scouting you. To me, most of your work simply seems unfinished and that's probably due to the amount of empty space each one has. ;v; A good way to go around this is to either fill it in with a background of some sort, or to crop the empty space out.
Also another thing I'd like to mention that if you're going to create art that revolves around a character, their poses need to be unique and interesting so that each different character can stand out on their own. However, it seems as though in most of your recent art they tend to have the same pose in which they're standing up straight with their legs slightly bent, and they have no "line of action" (I'm not good at explaining things, but this is the video will explain it much better than what I could. You could skip around if you'd like though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmLkVtqjf1A) Try to just experiment a little with different poses, and make sure that that the line of action is never exactly "straight" in order to make your art pop more. :>

JUSTinnator3 responds:

The reminder of the line of action is a very good tip. Thanks.
I thought about the background and the yellow fox in power armor would probably benefit from some sort of backdrop.