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Just how imposing is Goose Man?! He already has an attack helecopter and Gause Cannon that causes huge explosions on impact, and now he has something super powered.

Also the setting is awesome. I want a blimp shaped like that too. (Not really, but it's funny)

Sexual-Lobster responds:

he also has a sensitive side.

This music and animation is amazing!
Knowing a little about Glass Joe, I had to watch. And hearing the Coatch sing this person is going to die was especially funny.

Oh yeah! I didn't even know I wanted to see this mash up until I saw this.
Especially nice recreating that intense emotion at the beginning.

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I have respect for anyone who can do metal with one of my favorite metroid songs.

I like the part after 11:00. It's like some kind of fast paced trance or theme.
Overall it's like a dubstep journey.


its about a kingdom that gets destroyed by a massive army as they are having a party

they try to fight back but they are caught off guard so there is no way they where ready for this war

they all die as the king runs away to hide

later on they find the kings personal bodyguards and torture them on till one of the guards gives up the kings where a bouts they look for the king at the place the guard said he was hiding

they later find out the the king was not hide where the guard said he was and kill the guard for lining or so they think it turns out the king was never there to being with he was safe and sound at on his ship the man they though was the king was a decoy the king payed a spy to go in to the army and see what they where about to do..................................................................................

any way long story short the king finds out that the army is going to kill him and his kingdom so they can rule all of the land know as zone a pix and there is nothing that can stop them

so the king gets all the poor people in his kingdom to dress up as knights and maids and have a party

now if you where reading this from start to end you might have got your mind blown

its about a kind who see nothing but greed and love for more power he did not get where he is by being a nice guy he got it by being smart and cold hatred he is a bad guy and one day he will meat his end but not for now

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Now that's the studied anatomy I was talking about.
Her clitoral hood parts are visible above the hood in your art.
You've improved.

Precipitation24 responds:

Thank you!!
I will keep studying.

These are so awesome! You're always very good at producing expressions!

Saintanist responds:

Thank you nwn

So cute and funny! Nice to see your art again!

Saintanist responds:

Thanks Justin :3

I'm a self taught artist. If you can think of and describe a robot, I can probably draw it.

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